OSW Hydroacoustics Forums Registration


The OSW Hydroacoustics Forums are hosted and managed by the OSW Hydroacoustics Staff to facilitate discussion and deciminate information on the applicaiton of Hydroacoustic equipment and software. Registration is required to access the forums.

Registration Instructions

  1. Clicking on the Register for Forums link at the bottom of this page will bring up the following window:
  2. OSW Hydroacoustic Forums Registration Dialog
  3. Enter a user name. This can be any name but your email user ID is recommended.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter and verify a password for accessing the forums.
  6. Enter the visual verification characters in the space provided.
  7. Read through the registration agreement. Scroll down and check I agree.
  8. View of registration dialog showing agree check box and register button.
  9. After registering you will receive and email to activate your registration.
  10. Click the link in the email and login in using your password.
  11. If you want to be notified by email when someone posts to a particular board go to that board and click the "Notify" button on the upper right. This is a toggle button so you only need to do it once. Read the popup message window to be sure if you are turning the notify on or off.
  12. Screen capture showing the location of the notify button

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