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Moving Boat Deployments - TechTips

This page is for presenting information that are helpful in the use of ADCPs. The information presented here may have been published as part of a larger publication which could be found in the references section or has not yet been official published but is information that is helpful to the use of ADCPs.


Use of forms and checklists are a good way to help prevent oversights in preparation, collection and processing of data. Several forms are available for download below.

SVMAQ - Site Visit Mobile AQuarius

SVMAQ is the USGS utility for recording surface water site visit data and outputting them in a format for loading into the USGS NWIS database. SVMAQ can be used to electronically record notes during an ADCP discharge measurement. Additional information on SVMAQ can be found at the WMA Field Computing Integration and Support (FCIS) SVMobileAQ Webpage (INTERNAL ONLY)

ADCP Discharge Measurement Form

Form 9-275-I available for ordering from HIF but also can be downloaded below.

Beam Alignment Test Form

Review forms for ADCP measurements and quality assurance practices for OSW reviews

Quick Reference Sheets

The following quick reference sheets were developed to provide the user in the field with some basic information about the instruments that may be useful for configuration and use of the instruments.

Hydroacoustic Updates

Hydroacoustic Updates contain important information related to the configuration and use of ADCPs that may not yet be published but is important to document and distribute to ADCP users.