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OSW Hydroacoustics

USGS Hydroacoustics Work Group

The Hydroacoustic Work Group (HaWG) provides guidance to the Office of Surface Water (OSW) regarding the support for and development of hydroacoustics instrumentation for use in streamflow, velocity, depth, and other hydraulic and hydrologic measurements. This guidance often takes the form of advice regarding technical issues that need to be addressed, work priorities, and funding for hydroacoustics within the OSW. The HaWG also facilitates communication between OSW and hydroacoustics users. It has rotational, permanent, ad hoc, and cooperating agency members. The rotational members serve 5-year terms.

HaWG Members

Name Representation Organizational Unit/Location Phone
Rotational Members
Nick Stasulis Northeast New England WSC, Maine Office, Augusta, ME 207-622-8201
Sonny Anderson Southeast Florida WSC, Orlando, FL 407-803-5576
Jason McVay Midwest Iowa WSC, Iowa City, IA 319-358-3636
Jeff East Southwest, West Texas WSC, Houston, TX 936-271-5326
Jeff Conaway Northwest Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, AK 907-786-7041
Brandy Armstrong Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility Stennis Space Center, MS 508-457-2256
Permanent Members
Kevin Oberg Office of Surface Water Urbana, IL 217-328-9739
David Mueller Office of Surface Water Louisville, KY 502-493-1935
Mike Rehmel Office of Surface Water Indianapolis, IN 317-600-2758
Adhoc Member
Elizabeth Hittle NWIS SW Users Group Pennsylvania WSC, Pittsburgh, PA 412-490-3805
Cooperating Agency Members
Jean-Francois Cantin Water Survey Canada Quebec City, Quebec 418-649-6565
Elizabeth Jamieson Water Survey Canada Ottawa, Ontario 613-992-9337
John Goodson South Florida Water Management District West Palm Beach, FL 561-682-2803
Jeff Woodward Saskatchewan Water Authority Regina, Saskatchewan 306-780-8071

HaWG Links

Email the HaWG (
Charter for OSWs Hydroacoustics Work Group
Map of Areas of Responsibility

Photos of the HaWG

1999 Hydroacoustics Workshop Tampa, FL
Hydroacoustic Work Group members present included: Scott Morlock, Phil Zyrmiak, Kevin Oberg, Mike Simpson, Victor Levesque, David Mueller, Steve Lipscomb, Kirk Thibodeaux, Paul-Emile Bergeron, and John Goodson.

2002 Meeting in Menlo Park, CA
Those present included Hydroacoustic Work Group members: Phil Zyrmiak, Kevin Oberg, Brian Loving, John Goodson, Scott Morlock, John Shelton, Mike Rehmel, David Mueller, Victor Levesque, Paul-Emile Bergeron, Kirk Thibodeaux, Mike Simpson, and Jim DeRose.

Areas of Expertise


Areas of Expertise

Nick Stasulis ADCP and ADV discharge measurements, Measuring flow under ice, SWAMI
Sonny Anderson ADCP discharge measurements, Index Velocity applications, Tidal Flows
Jason McVay ADCP and ADV discharge measurements
Jeff East ADCP and ADV discharge measurements, Index Velocity
Jeff Conaway ADCP discharge measurements, Velocity Mapping, Bathymetry, Flow modeling
Brandy Armstrong Measurements in marine environments, Fixed deployment ADCPs
Kevin Oberg ADCP discharge measurements, Index Velocity, Velocity Mapping
David Mueller ADCP discharge measurements, Software development, Velocity Mapping and bathymetry, Flow modeling
Mike Rehmel ADV and ADCP discharge measurements, Training Coordinator
Elizabeth Hittle NWIS User Group, Index velocity, Coastal flows
Jean-Francois Cantin ADCP discharge measurements, Velocity Mapping, Flow modeling
Elizabeth Jamieson ADCP discharge measurements, Sediment transport, Velocity mapping
John Goodson ADCP discharge measurements, Measurements near hydraulic structures
Jeff Woodward ADCP discharge measurements