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Index Velocity and Fixed Deployment Links

Misc. Links

USGS Research site for SFPORTS. Includes gif's and mpeg's of current profiler data in the San Francisco Bay area

Indiana District Hydroacoustics

USGS Woods Hole Field Center's Sediment Transport Instrumentation Facility (Marinna Martini's group)

USGS Sediment Transport Group Home Page

Jeff Gartner, USGS Research Oceanographer, Home Page

Ralph Cheng, USGS NRP Project, Home Page

Real-time Index Velocity Examples

It may also be beneficial to view real-time data from operational index-velocity stations. The following links provide examples of USGS streamflow-gaging stations with real-time, online data produced from index-velocity instrument and methods:

Chicago River at Columbus Dr at Chicago, Illinois (05536123)

Columbia River at the Dalles, Oregon (14105700) - long-term AVM index-velocity site

Indiana Harbor Canal at East Chicago, Indiana (04092750) - Lake Michigan tributary with rapidly varying flow and frequent flow reversals