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ADCP Communication Options (Podcast)

Version Date: September 2013

Nick Stasulis


This podcast was developed by the USGS Hydroacoustics Workgroup to provide an overview of the communications options available to us when using ADCPs. We will cover the overall options for serial and Bluetooth communications, the antenna options when using Bluetooth, as well as radio modem options. Then, we will briefly discuss the communication options specific to SonTek and TRDI ADCPs commonly used in the USGS.

Available Formats

Microsoft Stream (Internal Access Only)

Instructional podcasts and recorded webinars are designed to offer convenient, on-demand instruction and assistance on a variety of hydroacoustic instrumentation topics. The podcasts are typically video presentation that have been created to cover a specific topic. The available Webinars are live presentations that were recorded. The use of trade names does not imply endorsement by the USGS.