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Beam Alignment Test and Check

Version Date: March 2013

David S. Mueller


This podcast titled, “Beam Alignment Test and Check 2013” is part of the Office of Surface Water’s effort to provide continuing support and education for the application of hydroacoustic techniques to measure and monitor our nation’s surface water resources. This podcast discusses the importance of beam alignment;existing and new policy in regards to when a beam alignment test is required and to what instruments the policy applies specific beam alignment test procedures, particularly for field application and how these are being implemented in a laboratory setting how to check the transformation matrix; and plans for future testing.

Available Formats

Microsoft Stream (Internal Access Only)

Instructional podcasts and recorded webinars are designed to offer convenient, on-demand instruction and assistance on a variety of hydroacoustic instrumentation topics. The podcasts are typically video presentation that have been created to cover a specific topic. The available Webinars are live presentations that were recorded. The use of trade names does not imply endorsement by the USGS.