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Introduction to extrap 3.x (Podcast)

Version Date: September 2012

David S. Mueller


This podcast is similar to an earlier version but is updated to introduce the new interface and features in extrap version 3. Even if you have viewed the previous version you will want to continue with this podcast as version 3 of extrap is much different and much more efficient to use than version 1. This introduction to extrap 3 will cover the purpose of extrap; the shape and distribution of velocity profiles in rivers; how profiles are averaged in WinRiver; how profiles are averaged in extrap; and then provide a detailed description of the extrap interface and how to use it.

Available Formats

MPEG-4 (MP4)

Transcript (PDF)

Instructional podcasts and recorded webinars are designed to offer convenient, on-demand instruction and assistance on a variety of hydroacoustic instrumentation topics. The podcasts are typically video presentation that have been created to cover a specific topic. The available Webinars are live presentations that were recorded. The use of trade names does not imply endorsement by the USGS.