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Programming a Sutron Satlink DCP when using a SonTek ADVM (Podcast)

Version Date: December 2010

Jeff East


This podcasts demonstrates how to program a Sutron Satlink Data Collection Platform (DCP) to record data from a SonTek Argonaut acoustic Doppler velocity meter or ADVM. SonTek ADVMs are capable of measuring a variety of parameters that may be used to compute discharge at an index-velocity streamflow station. During this podcast, guidance is provided on selecting parameters that are of most use during the operation of an index-velocity station and on configuring a Satlink DCP to record and transmit these data. It is assumed you are already familiar with some of the basics of programming Satlink DCPs, as well as the selection and programming of site specific parameters for SonTek ADVMs.

Available Formats

MPEG-4 (MP4)

Windows Media Video (WMV)

Transcript (PDF)

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