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AreaComp is a graphical user interface used to analyze ADCP data and compute a relationship between channel area and stage for an ADCP measurement. The stage area relationship (stage area rating) can be used in the computation of discharge using index-velocity methods.

AreaComp2 is an updated version of AreaComp, which is written in Matlab and provides support for output from WinRiver II and RiverSurveyor Live, in addition to comma separated value files.. AreaComp2 can also read existing AreaComp 1.3 files. Users can export processed data into comma-separated value files. Users can save and open AreaComp2 files.

A draft user's guide for AreaComp2  is available here: User's Guide


USGS Software Users Rights Notice

Changes and Known Issues
Recommended - Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 9.0, either 32-bit version or 64-bit version depending on which version of AreaComp you download.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Compiled with Matlab 2015b.
2-1.06 Allowed - Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 7.17, 32-bit version (even on 64-bit operating systems)
Operational bug fixes.
- Requires Matlab Runtime Libraries Version 7.17, 32-bit version (even on 64-bit operating systems)
- Written in Matlab
- New user interface.
- Support for RiverSurveyor Live
- Compiled with Matlab 2012a and requires Matlab Compiler Runtime 7.17
- Previous version.

Software/Firmware Status Definitions

Required Minimum: Minimum version required. This version has proven stable and may contain enhancements that are significant over previous required versions

Recommended: Shown to have been reliable and contains features that result in a recommended upgrade over the required version. There could be a few specific use cases where this version may have issues that would result in some users not using this version. If so, those cases will be noted.

Allowed*: Deemed reliable during initial testing. Any issues will be noted along with improvements available over prior versions. Use of allowed versions may be desired in cases when the changes benefit a significant number of the user's conditions or equipment. For example: a new version of software is released that adds support for new hardware. If the user has this hardware, they would need to upgrade to the newer software before it becomes recommended or required. Use of these versions by experienced users will also help OSW identify any unknown issues.

Testing*: OSW is currently testing; any known issues or advantages over prior release will be noted. The use of a version that is in testing should usually be limited to advanced users that can trouble shoot potential issues and provide feedback on any irregularities or problems observed.

Do Not Use: A version either prior to the required minimum or that contains issues that significantly affect operations.

*Note: A version may remain in Allowed or Testing indefinitely. Example: A new version is released while the prior version is still in Testing. In this case the prior version may remain in Testing, while future testing efforts are placed on the newer version.

How to Download the Software

The latest version of AreaComp can be downloaded by clicking on the version number in the table above. In order to provide support for AreaComp and to provide an efficient means to communicate with users and allow users an efficient and organized means of providing suggestions and comments, you are encouraged to register for the OSW Hydroacoustic Forum. In the forum you will find an Index Velocity and Other Fixed Deployments board. Open the General Discussion and click "Notify" to automatically receive emails on any bug fixes or issues identified with AreaComp. This is the only way of being automatically notified if there has been an identified problem or if a new version has been released.

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Registered Users

Installation Instructions for AreaComp2

  1. Install the appropriate Matlab Component Runtime libary, if necessary. For instuctions on how to determine if you have the needed library and/or to install the library see Matlab Component Runtime Library Download and Installation
  2. Download the AreaComp2 executable from above.
  3. Select a directory and store the AreaComp2_1_04.exe file.
  4. Run the program by double-clicking on AreaComp2_1_04.exe in Windows Explorer or My Computer. You may wish to create a shortcut to AreaComp2_1_04.exe in a convenient location in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.