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SonTek-IQ Software

Latest software for SonTek-IQ.

Changes and Known Issues
(released Nov. 2023)
- Restore unit system output to same as version 3.0. - Disabled "Start Data Collection button when SDI output enabled.
- Removed "Enable Extended Diagnostics Recording" function - Bug fixes.
(released Jan. 2023)
Do Not Use
- Required to update software to version 3.1 prior to updating IQ firmware to version 3.25.
- Updated MATLAB export file now contains XZ profiles and export in user selected units.
- In order to support hardware changes due to end of life parts, software now loads *.yfz firmware files instead of *.yfw files. *.yfw files are not compatible with Software 3.1. If a user wants to revert to older firmware (*.yfw files), the user will need to first downgrade software to version 3.0 or older.
- User's Manual Button now links to an online version of the user's manual, although a copy of the users manual is available in the setup folder.
- Bug fixes.
Known Issues: Exported matlab files contain time format issues
3.0 (released 3/2021)
**Requires Firmware on ADVM to be upgraded to Version 3.0 or greater**
-Added user-configurable (manual) velocity cell sizes
-Increased sampling interval and duration range: 1 to 3600 seconds
-Improved performance in very shallow water (less than 15cm)
-Adds indexing mode
-Option to limit file size on data files to speed up downloads
-Ability to load files from multiple directory locations.
KNOWN ISSUE: Possible false recorder errors which force a recorder format. Only seems to occur on visits immediately following the firmware upgrade. Potential solution is to log a few readings after the firmware upgrade then format the recorder.
2.1 (released 10/2016)
- User-configurable (manual) velocity cell sizes
- Increased sampling interval and duration range: 1 to 3600 seconds
- Fast sampling (less than 10 second duration) capability for tow tank tests only
- Improved performance in very shallow water (less than 15cm)
- Added some missing translations (chart controls)
2.0 (released 6/2015)
1.60 (released 6/13)
Do not use
- Initial release

Software/Firmware Status Definitions

Required Minimum: Minimum version required. This version has proven stable and may contain enhancements that are significant over previous required versions

Recommended: Shown to have been reliable and contains features that result in a recommended upgrade over the required version. There could be a few specific use cases where this version may have issues that would result in some users not using this version. If so, those cases will be noted.

Allowed*: Deemed reliable during initial testing. Any issues will be noted along with improvements available over prior versions. Use of allowed versions may be desired in cases when the changes benefit a significant number of the user's conditions or equipment. For example: a new version of software is released that adds support for new hardware. If the user has this hardware, they would need to upgrade to the newer software before it becomes recommended or required. Use of these versions by experienced users will also help OSW identify any unknown issues.

Testing*: OSW is currently testing; any known issues or advantages over prior release will be noted. The use of a version that is in testing should usually be limited to advanced users that can trouble shoot potential issues and provide feedback on any irregularities or problems observed.

Do Not Use: A version either prior to the required minimum or that contains issues that significantly affect operations.

*Note: A version may remain in Allowed or Testing indefinitely. Example: A new version is released while the prior version is still in Testing. In this case the prior version may remain in Testing, while future testing efforts are placed on the newer version.

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Links to the manufacturer's software and firmware are provided primarily as a service for USGS users. However, in some cases, access has also been provided for other agencies, with the manufacturer's permission.