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Index Velocity — Software and Firmware

The goal of this page is to provide USGS users of hydroacoustic equipment with the best information available regarding current software and firmware for commonly used acoustic Doppler velocity meters and acoustic profilers (side-looking, upward and downward-looking). Each software or firmware listed will link to a table that indicates the required versions of software and firmware, along with known issues and improvements associated with subsequent releases. Typically, only upgrades that contain significant computational impact, or add significant new functionality will be announced in OSW technical memos. To provide the user access to the best available options for their situation, software and firmware versions listed here will be labeled in one of five categories; 1) required minimum, 2) recommended, 3) allowed, 4) testing, 5) do not use.

A list of known, unresolved software/firmware issues also is maintained by the OSW.

USGS Site Administrators: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of most software on these pages and Matlab Runtime libraries 2015b (9.0) are available via SCCM.

Links to the manufacturer's software and firmware are provided primarily as a service for USGS users. However, in some cases, access has also been provided for other agencies, with the manufacturer's permission. Software without a direct download link should be obtained from the manufacturer.

Sontek/Xylem | Teledyne RD Instruments | NortekUSA | USGS Software


Manufacturer Support Page

ViewArgonaut Software — Windows-based deployment, postprocessing, and diagnostic software program for use with any SonTek Argonaut current meter.

SL Intelligent Flow Software — Software versions for SonTek SL3G ADVMs (SL3G-1500 and SL3G-3000 only)
- USGS Field Guide to using SL Intelligent Flow Software

IQ Intelligent Flow Software — Software versions for SonTek IQ and IQ Plus ADVMs

SonUtils — Utility programs for "talking" directly to the instrument, downloading data from an internal recorder, and calibrating the internal compass/tilt sensor, etc.

Argonaut-SL/SW/XR Firmware — Firmware for SonTek/YSI Argonaut-SL/SW/XR Firmware

SL Intelligent Flow Firmware — Firmware versions for SonTek SL3G ADVMs (SL3G-1500 and SL3G-3000 only)

IQ Intelligent Flow Firmware — Firmware versions for SonTek IQ and IQ Plus ADVMs

Teledyne RD Instruments

Manufacturer Software and Firmware Page

WinH-ADCP — Data collection and configuration software for TRDI ChannelMaster Horizontal ADCPs.

PlanCV — ChannelMaster and V-ADCP Deployment Configuration Planning Software Package

ChannelMaster Firmware — Firmware for Teledyne/RDI ChannelMaster.

ChannelMaster Utilities Software — Software for Teledyne/RDI ChannelMaster.
- USGS Field Guide to ChannelMaster Utilities Software


Manufacturer Support Page

USGS Software

USGS Software Users Rights Notice

AreaComp — Software for computing stage area ratings.

IV_SYNC and EXPORT_RATING —  Index Velocity Synchronization and Shifting Guidance Tool, IV_SYNC, and Index Velocity Rating Export Tool, EXPORT_RATING

IV_RATING —  Index Velocity Rating Development Spreadsheet Template

RIVRS —  Rapid Index Velocity Rating and Synchronization