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Index-Velocity Technical Tips

NEW! DCP Script Repository

Configuring a DCP to communicate with an ADVM and log all the desired variables can be confusing and time consuming. The HaWG has created a repository where field personnel can share scripts they have used to configure DCPs to communicate and log ADVM data. Please share your scripts and search the repository before writing a new script to see if that problem has already been solved.

Note: While the primary focus is on scripts supporting ADVM use, you are encouraged to share any script you think would be useful to others.

Add Script to Repository

View Scripts saved in Repository

Note Sheets for Index Velocity Stations

Two note sheets are available for the inspection and servicing of index velocity gages and for installation of an index velocity gaging station. The forms below are provided in pdf format. Contact OSW for Publisher versions of the forms if desired.

Quick Sheets

The USGS has prepared technical references (quick sheets) to supplement the more formal index-velocity guidance publications. These index-velocity quick sheets (below) are a useful resource for hydrographers working with index-velocity records and stations.

Real-time Index Velocity Examples

The following links provide examples of USGS streamflow-gaging stations with real-time, online data produced from index-velocity instrument and methods:

Columbia River at the Dalles, Oregon (14105700) - long-term index-velocity site

Lostman's River below Second Bay, Florida (02290918) - a tidally effected stream in the Florida Everglades

Kankakee River at Davis, Indiana (05515500) - an low-slope Midwestern stream

Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal near Lemont, Illinois (05536890) - a highly-regulated canal system with navigation, lockages, hydropower operations, and flood flow diversions

San Joaquin River at Jersey Point, California (11337190) - tidally-affected river flowing to the California Delta which is located at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers