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Moving-Boat Deployment — Software and Firmware

The goal of this page is to provide USGS users of hydroacoustic equipment with the best information available regarding current software and firmware commonly used for moving boat ADCP measurements. Each software or firmware listed will link to a table that indicates the required versions of software and firmware, along with known issues and improvements associated with subsequent releases. Typically, only upgrades that contain significant computational impact, or add significant new functionality will be announced in OSW technical memos. To provide the user access to the best available options for their situation, software and firmware versions listed here will be labeled in one of five categories; 1) required minimum, 2) recommended, 3) allowed, 4) testing, 5) do not use.

A list of known, unresolved software/firmware issues also is maintained by the OSW.

USGS Site Administrators: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of most software on these pages and Matlab Runtime libraries 2015b (9.0) are available via SCCM.

Links to the manufacturer's software and firmware are provided primarily as a service for USGS users. However, in some cases, access has also been provided for other agencies, with the manufacturer's permission. Software without a direct download link should be obtained from the manufacturer.

Sontek/YSI | Teledyne RD Instruments | USGS Software


Manufacturer Support Page

RiverSurveyor Live — Data collection and postprocessing software (Windows XP/Vista and Mobile) for discharge data applications with SonTek M9 and S5 ADCPs.

RiverSurveyor M9/S5 Firmware — Firmware for SonTek/YSI RiverSurveyor M9 and S5

RSQ — Data collection and postprocessing software for discharge data applications with SonTek RS5 ADCPs.

RS5 Firmware — Firmware for SonTek/YSI RS5 ADCPs

Teledyne RD Instruments

Manufacturer Software and Firmware Page

WinRiver II — Data collection and postprocessing software (Windows) for discharge data applications. WinRiver II provides a measurement centric design, a configuration wizard, and enhanced capabilities for reviewing data. It can be used for data collection and processing with Rio Grandes, Streampros, and RiverRays.

RDITools — Utility software, including BBTalk, BBList, BBMerge, etc.

TRDIToolz — Replacement for RDITools Suite

ISM Compass Calibration Stand-alone Software — Stand-alone software for calibrating TRDI ADCPs with ISM Compass.

StreamPro Software — Discharge data collection and processing software for the StreamPro using windows Mobile devices.

RiverRay Firmware — Firmware versions for Teledyne RD Instruments RiverRay ADCP

Rio Grande Firmware — Firmware versions for Teledyne RD Instruments Rio Grande ADCP

StreamPro Firmware — Firmware versions for Teledyne RD Instruments StreamPro ADCP

RiverPro / RioPro Firmware — Firmware versions for Teledyne RD Instruments RiverPro and RioPro ADCP

USGS Software

QRev — QRev is a software package for processing streamflow measurements made using an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) from a moving-boat. QRev was developed by the USGS to provide for more consistent review of ADCP discharge measurements and to gain efficiency. QRev supports both SonTek and Teledyne RD Instruments ADCPs.

EDI — EDI facilitates easy use of an ADCP discharge measurement for computing the locations and associated depth and water velocity for collecting Equal-discharge-increment method sediment and water-quality samples.

LC — The LC program automates the application of the loop method for correcting discharges measured using bottom track with a moving bed present. >

SMBA — Stationary Moving-Bed Analysis (SMBA) computes the dot product of the bottom track vector onto the unit water vector and determines the moving bed velocity in the upstream direction relative to the water velocity vector. This program is applicable to all stationary moving bed test but is required to accurately assess a moving bed test made with a Streampro where the Streampro was swimming back and forth at the end of the tether.

extrap — Tool to assist in selecting an appropriate extrapolation method for ADCP discharge computations.

VMT — The Velocity Mapping Toolbox (VMT) is a Matlab-based program for processing, analyzing, and visualizing moving-boat ADCP data UPDATE: Bug fixes and enabled SonTek support for GIS Export Tool

RSMatrix — Tool to retrieve the transformation matrix information from a Matlab data file created by RiverSurveyor Live. 

Other Software

Sena ParaniWin 1.08 ParaniWin is a software package used to set up Sena Parani serial or bluetooth radios for communication with ADCPs and other bluetooth devices. This version improves execution speed in Windows 10. KNOWN ISSUE: Program identifies as version 1.07 within the software after installation.

Hemisphere PocketMax 4.0.0 PocketMax is a software package used to connect a PC to Hemisphere GPS receivers. Fixed bug to output of precision values within the position and precision tabs. Removed suretrack, forest, and tunnel modes. Added GPS L5, BeiDou and Galileo constellations in Sky Plot, SNRs, and GNSS satellites tracked and used.